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Do you want to know which parts of your marketing system are holding you back? Are you ready to take the action necessary to turn your marketing into a revenue-generating machine? If so, the Marketing Power Assessment is for you.

The Marketing Power Assessment was created by Joy Gendusa (CEO of PostcardMania) and Patrick Valtin (CEO of M-2 Tech), and is designed to measure a business' marketing strength in 6 critical categories:

  1. Lead Generation
  2. Marketing Consistency
  3. Client Retention
  4. Competitive Edge
  5. Lead Capture
  6. Lead Follow-up

After completing the assessment, you will receive your customized results via email within 5 minutes. The results package includes your scores, descriptions of each of the 6 power categories, and a recommendation from Joy and Patrick based on your scores.

You'll learn:

  • Which areas of your marketing are holding you back
  • What your natural marketing strengths are
  • How to increase your marketing power and make more money
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